New Ways to Make the Undruggable Druggable

PROSION’s platform of cutting-edge chemical building blocks (ProMs) is able to unlock “undruggable” pharmaceutical targets that are linked with various hard-to-treat diseases.

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The Science

PROSION developed a first-in-class approach to address so far undruggable pharmaceutical targets that are linked with various hard-to-treat diseases through a disruptive platform of chemical building blocks called ProMs.

ProMs can in fact be combined to form the world’s first small molecule drugs for a very abundant class of “undruggables”, namely proline-rich-motif (PRM) binding targets.

These targets are known to play key-roles in a multitude of pathologies, e.g. cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular diseases, immune-meditated disorders, etc.

The potential of the ProM-platform has already been validated in a first POC targeting Ena/VASP, a particularly difficult oncological PRM-binding target.

The Pipeline

As a proof-of-concept, PROSION developed highly selective ProM-based inhibitors for Ena/VASP – a particularly difficult drug target that plays a key role in both, breast and pancreatic cancer metastasis – thereby, identifying the currently only reported (and patented) small molecule inhibitor of PRM-recognizing targets.

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Our Focus Area

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Generating ProM-based compounds for drug development

We are striving to push our own drug compounds through pre-clinical and clinical development. If you are interested in becoming part of this exciting journey, please head to our contact page.

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Providing ready-to-use ProMs as lead compounds

We provide access to our ProM-platform, enabling our potential partners to gain an in-depth scientific understanding. If you are interested in working with our ProMs, please head to our contact page.

Latest News

PROSION receives an EIC Grant of €2.5m

The European Commission backs PROSION with a 2.5 million grant through their prestigious EIC Accelerator, with the option for PROSION to receive additional funding through an equity investment. The EIC accelerator supports individual small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to develop and scaleup game-changing innovations. Following a highly-competitive application process, the selected companies are offered a combination


Assessment by Industry Experts

“I value the founder’s innovation of proline derived and extendable modules (ProMs) as a promising approach to address interesting disease related but yet undruggable protein targets. The management’s business strategy to align with global pharmaceutical players at an early stage to develop elective and safe drugs finds my strong support.”
Dr. Karsten Henco
Previously, Co-Founder at Qiagen N.V. and CEO at Evotec BioSystems AG Currently CEO at HS Life Sciences GmbH

“The concept to address PRM-binding targets with a small molecule drug is intriguing and new. ENA-VASP proteins are known to be difficult drug targets and the PROSION approach could be a very elegant way for developing new inhibitors with a potential application in many indications.”

Dr. Matthias Urmann
Sanofi Global Business Development & Licensing and Head of Diabetes & Cardiovascular External Innovation
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